Original artwork by Susan Fletcher, Frontier Chinooks, Copyright 2012 to present.

Chinook Breeders Forum

Chinooks are a very friendly American breed of sled dog that are finding their niche in the 21st century as a wonderful suburban family pet. They have a natural affinity for children, especially when exposed to them as puppies, have very little dog aggression,  and have an adaptable exercise level that adjusts to hanging out around the house with neighborhood walks during the work week as long as a good romp is planned for the weekend. They were developed to be "the gentleman's carriage horse of sled dogs" so are far more responsive to training than other Northern breeds. This is due to the early inclusion of both German and Belgian Shepherd in the early generations of the breed's development.

The Chinook Breeder's Forum is a group of Chinook breeders and future Chinook breeders who participate in an online forum designed to accept everyone as a unique individual, with unique perspectives, their own unique credentials, and goals. We do not require members to adhere to any specific national breed club or national dog registry, as our list is not affiliated with, nor governed by any outside source. This allows for freedom of discussion of anything that pertains to breeding Chinooks, from genetics, planning a breeding, reproduction, whelping, raising a litter, socializing, genetic and non-genetic medical issues, estate planning as it includes your pets, coordinating efforts to place puppies and adult dogs, standards, dilemmas we see in the breed's future, improvements we've seen in the past, and more.

For prospective new members, we ask only that you join our forum if you can peacefully respect and value that each individual has the right to his or her own opinions. Share openly and freely amongst each other, but respect the right to an individual's choice to discuss serious or confidential matters in this forum by not sharing confidential information outside of our group, taken out of context, or without the author's permission.  We charge no dues but agree to work together for the best of the breed. Because of the sensitive nature of the topics discussed, it is a requirement that you own a breed potential or breedable Chinook to be a member. This forum is a great resource of collective ideas to better the breed as a whole through careful and educated breeding practices.

This website is a repository of information that we want to have online for our own use and for the use of those who come across us while searching for the Chinook breed. Content is added as it is identified as being necessary or helpful.

  • Our member breeders are located nationwide and in Canada. A list is included on the "Member Breeder" page. If you are interested in finding a Chinook for your family, this is the page you'll want to check to find a breeder near you.
  • We don't claim to be the exhaustive resource for Chinook history but we do relate the history of Chinook breeders during the modern era of the Chinook's recovery from near extinction.  This is outlined on the page, "Chinook Breeders Through History".
  • Also, since breeders may occasionally have an adult dog to place, we have a page here -- "Adult Chinooks Needing Homes" -- that gives a nationwide list of the dogs that are available now and in the coming months. (It's not uncommon for some breeders to retire a female after her mom dog duties are done so some of these may show a female that will be ready in a couple months.)

Other sections are in the works and will be added as the content is completed.

Unknown date & photographer; Chinook with a litter of pups that we
presume he sired.
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Chinook Breeders Through History
Adult Chinooks Needing Homes
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     Eye Vets for CERF and OFA eye exams

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